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We welcome all coaches to our organization, regardless of their background. However, as a charter chapter of the International Coach Federation, ICF-NE believes in and supports professionalism in coaching. We support the direction that ICF is taking in requiring training and promoting credentialing of their coaches, as well as their development of a set of core competencies and a code of ethics.

This is why we believe in these things: Coaching is a profession. Any profession requires a degree of training. Credentialing assures rigor in a profession, particularly one that is as growing and changing as quickly as coaching. When a coach becomes credentialed, it demonstrates that they have received coach-specific training, passed rigorous testing, dedicated to a set of core competencies, a code of ethics, coached a certain number of hours, and receives ongoing training.

We want our coaches to be successful. We believe that all of these things can contribute to a coach’s success in business.


Benefits of Becoming Credentialed

New data shows more coaches are becoming credentialed, proving how vital it is for industry professionals. The 2012 Global Coaching ICF Study shows that 33% of coaches surveyed hold an ICF Credential which is up from 19% in 2006. The recent study also shows there’s a stronger appetite among younger coaches for.


About the ICF Credential

Certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF) is extremely important when considering which coach to hire. It means the coach:

  • Has received professional training from a program specifically designed to teach coaching skills that align with ICF’s standards and ethics
  • Has demonstrated a proficient understanding and use of the coaching competencies as outlined by ICF
  • Has undergone extensive training and testing, similar to that required of candidates in many master’s degree programs, including oral and written exams
  • Is accountable to the ethics and standards set forth by the ICF

ICF is a consortium of professional coaches and organizations that have joined together under its auspices to shape and govern the profession of coaching. The skills sets, competencies, ethics and standards are a collective agreement between coaches from all over the world who have made the commitment to maintain the very highest standards you would expect from any other profession.


In an extensive survey conducted by ICF, 98.5% of surveyed clients indicated they were happy with their coaching experience and felt the process was valuable when coaching with an ICF credentialed coach.

There are three levels of credentials from ICF:

  • MCC – Master Certified Coach with extensive ICF-approved training plus 2500 hours of documented coaching experience.
  • PCC – Professional Certified Coach with ICF-approved training plus 750 hours of documented coaching experience.
  • ACC – Associate Certified Coach with ICF-approved training plus 100 hours of coaching experience.